Cruiser Fleet Split

July 8, 2021 8:45 pm

We continue to have strong turn outs for our cruiser racing fleet with 14 boats coming to the line last Saturday July 3rd for the Gunter Bell Trophy which was sailed around Cape Clear Island. this was won by Tony O Brien in Excelsior, Well done Tony and crew! So far this year we have had 19 boats that have sailed at least one race.

With the increased participation and with the increasing divergence in size and speed of the fleet the committee recently decided that our fleet should be split into two divisions. This has now been completed and details of the split as of today can be found here.

The sailing Instructions have also been updated and are included in the club documents page.

Because of the split the calendar has also been changed which can be found in the club documents page. The changes can be summed up as follows

  • The fleet is now racing in two divisions utilising the Progressive ECHO handicap and the IRC/Standard ECHO handicap
  • There will be a trophy for each race for the ECHO Handicap in both divisions for the remainder of the season
  • There will be no trophy for the July League ECHO in both divisions but a prize for 1st place will be awarded.
  • There will be a trophy for the autumn league in the ECHO handicap in both divisions
  • There will be a trophy for the best overall in ECHO Handicap in both divisions. All races for the season will count for this but there are 3 discards available
  • For the IRC/Standard ECHO Leagues and the overall IRC/Standard ECHO there will be a prize for 1st place only
  • The Offshore Series will be scored as a combined fleet and there will be a prize for for 1st in both handicaps only
  • For individual races where there are no trophies i.e. individual races within an IRC/Standard ECHO League for both divisions there will be a prize for 1st place only but if in a subsequent race in that league the same boat wins again the prize will be awarded to the next best placed boat in that race that has yet to win a prize in that league.

We have enjoyed some good racing so far this season and hopefully these changes will build on what has been achieved for the rest of the season.